Powerhouse Founders In Business: How They Did It

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The best way to learn the ropes of starting a business and know the ins and outs of creating and managing a successful one are to allow those who experienced such to share their own experience. Put their challenges and learnings into your startup toolkit and identify which of their best practices and strategies can be applied to your own business.

Be inspired by their stories and use their lessons to fuel your passion for establishing your own venture. Out of their own journey, chart out your own entrepreneurial map using theirs as your guide while determining your own direction and spot under the sun. 

Feel the excitement of running your own venture and fill your lesson book with various tips and ideas from the experts. Catch them through this workshop and equip yourself well. Who knows, might someday join the ranks of powerhouse founders in business.

About the Speakers

Georgia Beattie


Georgia began her career studying entrepreneurship at Babson College, Boston and RMIT, Melbourne. Shortly after finishing her University degrees, Georgia raised seed capital to found wine startup Lupé Wines in 2011. Lupé Wines specialised in supplying events, airlines and hotel minibars with the world’s first single serve glass of wine designed for ease of use.

Georgia took on the CEO role at Startup Victoria in 2016 to help organise the startup ecosystem from her experience as an Australian entrepreneur. Startup Victoria is the go-to independent startup body for Victoria that focuses on creating more founders and better founders. Georgia also sits on the board of Second Bite, RMIT’s New Enterprise Investment Fund and is an Expert Advisory Member for the Australian Federal Government Accelerating Commercialisation Programme.

William Du


William co-founded Short Story in 2009 with Carolyn Wong, from a small business grant they
received. It was a slow start but in their hearts they knew they had to go on. They eventually
caught their break when they first created their signature frame, their artworks took flight
and are now exhibited in London and New York and are sold all over the world. Their sister
brand Short Story has now grown to be stocked in over 500 stores Australia-wide and in
talks with numerous global distributors.

About The Masters Series

WeTeachMe is our vision of the future of learning: inspired and impassioned learning that is run by the people, for the people.

In 2016, WeTeachMe officially became the biggest school in Australia, one giant leap towards our fundamental goal to be the biggest school in the world. As we start on our new journey to attain our next ambition, we begin with empowering thought leaders in every corner of the world by equipping them with the right tools and knowledge that will help them spark new ideas and bringing these ideas to life.

In accordance with this purpose, we have formed a new creative program to assist us in spreading our message into the world. We launched Masters Series by WeTeachMe where we could begin sharing the gifts, knowledge, and experiences of those who have achieved the unimaginable in their life against all odds to entrepreneurs who are still in the starting line.

To achieve this aim, we invite the best and the brightest, the industry movers and shakers, the well-known and influential members of the world of entrepreneurs to share their learnings and experiences in an unwavering effort to help those who are in constant search to find the answers. From creating thriving companies to taking your business to greater heights, we have everything lined up for you where you will learn from the best of the best.

Partners & Sponsors

Masters Series by WeTeachMe would not be possible without the generosity and support of our partners and sponsors, who share our vision and values, and believe in the world we are creating. Signing up to one of our events will unlock exclusive deals and promotions from Masters Series by WeTeachMe that you can take advantage of for your own startup and business journey.



MYOB loves supporting startups. As one of the original Australian startups, we believe in giving back to the community that helped us grow. We’re proud to back the Master Series by WeTeachMe for entrepreneurs.



Inspire9 is the original community-led co-working space for Melbourne’s startups, freelancers, and creative entrepreneurs. It is a community in the truest sense. We share ideas, responsibilities and opportunities. We collaborate on projects, help our neighbours with a tricky technical problem and broker business deals over a game of pool or ping-pong.

Written & Recorded


Written & Recorded is a content creation agency.

Successful content relies on the ability to craft a persuasive story – from blogs to podcasts, social media to feature articles – and we can help you get your story out there.

As life-long learners we’re proud to produce the Masters Series podcast.

Startup Victoria


Startup Victoria is the go-to destination for all startup related topics. We believe that Melbourne can be one of the world’s best cities to build a startup. We want to help make that a reality by helping to accelerate the growth of Victoria’s startup ecosystem.

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What you will learn
  • Recognise the factors that make a business successful.
  • Identify the problems and challenges that surround being a powerhouse founder in business
  • Learn from the experiences of those who have come before you.
What you will get
  • Get tips on how to build a successful business.
  • Inspiration and motivation in growing your business.
  • Gain knowledge on techniques, tools, and business planning.
  • All your questions answered, no stone left unturned.
  • The opportunity to meet the movers and shakers, as well as expand your network.
  • Invaluable pieces of advice from industry experts.
  • Personal growth and learning.
  • Empowerment to stop doubting yourself and make your ideas happen.
  • Increase follow-on business and referrals.
  • Regain the momentum/motivation you lost somewhere along the road.

What to bring
  • Laptop or tablet.
  • Notepad and pen.
  • A camera to document your experience if you like.
What to wear

Come as you are.

Appropriate for

Startups, aspiring, and prevailing business owners..

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04 February 2018 • Powerhouse Founders In Business: How They Did It



03 February 2018 • Powerhouse Founders In Business: How They Did It

This was such a fun and informative night, relaxed and yet so inspiring for ways to move forward, by seeing other people's journeys.